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21 stunning lighting ideas

Spring is just around the corner. Warmer weather means more reasons to go outside, more opportunities to garden, and more occasions to enjoy that new spectacular home garden. Sitting in your garden at twilight is one of spring's greatest pleasures, but once the sun goes down, you'll wish you had some garden lighting.
From home and garden guru Martha Stewart to blogger extraordinaire Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess, the internet is abound with tips and suggestions for how to create the perfect garden lighting suited to your needs. We've collected some of our favorite and most diverse outdoor lighting methods below.
1. Geometrical light columns.
Martha Stewart's geometrical lights columns give a chic touch to any swimming pool, but they'd also look awesome on any garden or patio arrangement. 
2. Cracked log lamps.
Recycled Interiors is the mastermind behind this clever and rustic idea: cracked log lamps that would illuminate any garden path. 
3. Take string lights to a wonderful new level.
This hanging tree lights turn any outdoor dining table into a romantic get-a-way. This Fondly Forever idea is perfect for a garden or patio, but imagine this setting on a wedding!
4. Moonlight globes
Home Infatuation's light spheres are another delightful lighting idea for any pool or patio. 
5. Outdoor rustic handmade chandelier. 
All Things Heart and Home shows you how to make this beautiful chandelier yourself. 
6. Hanging votives. 
Sunset's hanging votives give any outdoor seating space a very refined touch. 
7. String light design.
A Beautiful Mess' easy step-by-step tutorial to light up any outdoor wall. 
8. Repurposed glass lamp shades votives. 
Stipje's repurposed glass lampshades would look perfect on a fence, wall or yard table. 
9. Tree lights. 
This is Whimsical Raindrop Cottage's idea to turn any tree into a bright and shiny beauty. 
10. Rustic chandelier made out of branches. 
This other Susent's idea is perfect for any outdoor dining area, but it would also be perfect for an outdoor wedding or event. 
11. Repurposed wine bottles pathway lights. 
These repurposed wine bottles candle holders by Art For Love In The Wind are also perfect for walls or paths in the garden. 
12. Anchored paper lanterns.
Take tree lights to another level with 4yes' idea. 
13. Christmas lights gorgeous path lighting. 
Christmas lights aren't only good to hang around, they can also be used to illuminate any path with style. See the idea on Christmas Lights Etc
14. Candle lighted bird pond. 
This lighted bird pond by Sunset is a sweet and simple way to create a romantic ambiance.
15. Lighted pathway and plant arc. 
The Berry proposes this as a beautiful wedding idea, but wouldn't it be perfect to make any corner of your garden better? 
16. Turn any tree in a lighted weeping willow. 
Family Holidays' idea to turn any tree into a whimsical and romantic weeping willow. 
17. Fairy garden lights. 
Kenda Morrison's fairy garden arrangement was shared on Pinterest. 
18. String lighting. 
Target shares this beautiful outdoor lighting idea on Pinterest as well. 
19. Lighted Planters.
The lighted planters by Indulgy surely wow guests and successfully illuminate any space.
20. Log candle holders. 
Outdoor Areas turns logs into beautiful and rustic candle holders. 
21. Ambient glow-in-the-dark rock lamps. 
The glow-in-the-dark rock lamps idea by Modern Design transform your garden into an extraterrestrial world. 
Each of the above garden lighting options is unique. Mix and match to custom-create a garden exactly to your taste. We hope you liked these suggestions as much as we did. If so, please don't hesitate to SHARE it with any of your friends that may enjoy it too!
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