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13 whimsical garden paths 

Even a small garden can benefit from a well-placed footpath or walkway. The little path can help to differentiate spaces and atmospheres, or highlight a decorated corner. From stone or gravel paths to grass and flowery ones, it's just a matter of deciding what is best for your garden or patio and what is gonna make your life easier. 
There are many garden paths' styles, so it's up to you to decide which style suits you better and which style is going to be easier for you not only to create but also to maintain. If you don't have the greenest of thumbs, maybe it's a better idea to invest your creativity and time on a pebbles or stone path than on a flowery one. They can be as colorful and original! 
These are the ideas we've compiled for you: 
1. Adorable footpath through the wild garlic flowers.
Jeff Bevan's photograph of the Somerset woodlands offers inspiration for a simple yet delightful garden path idea. A 'dirt' path and some wildflowers like these garlic ones are easy to maintain, at the same time they give your garden a very natural and 'wild' touch. 
2. Northern Italian villa garden walkway. 
This Tuscan villa garden, featured in New South Classics, it's a good source of inspiration for those with a patio instead of a garden. The stone arch and pathway give it a very medieval, rustic charm. 
3. English garden pathway through an arched entrance. 
Another example of the same idea is this English style pathway, featured in LivingxDesign
4. Whimsical pebble path. 
Garden of Simple shares this original pebble path design. Something like this you can do yourself with some patience (and a lot of pebbles!). The results are not only durable and gorgeous but also totally worth it. 
5. Fallen leaves path. 
What about this beautiful leaves path? You just need some concrete to do this yourself as seen in Better Homes and Gardens
6. Gorgeous garden winding path. 
Plaza Rakuten shares this adorable walkway idea for small gardens: the traditional cobblestones path leading to a small shed, all surrounded by plants and flowers.  
7. Colorful fairy garden entrance path. 
The enchanted fairy garden shared by Zsa Zsa Bellagio via Indulgy is obviously one of our favorites. It's as simple as combining your favorite flowers and colors. 
8. Stone and gravel path. 
This idea by Photobotanic is perfect for dry climates. 
9. Pebble mosaic path. 
This beautiful mosaic path was created by Jeffrey Gardens and he also teaches you how to do it yourself. 
10. Chinese beautiful garden path and gate. 
You can also always try something more exotic, like this Chinese door shared by Vision of Mine
11. Steps and retaining walls. 
If the terrain of your garden is uneven, you can do something similar to these living retaining walls by Merchant Circle
12. Meandering grass path. 
This beautiful sunken garden and grass path was created by Red Bubble
13. Rose Garden Path.
Roses are a classic and it's very difficult to go wrong in case we decide for these flowers in our garden. The Book of Secrets shares this beautiful idea for an arched walkway. I'm sure it feels like you're royalty to walk through it!
Garden paths are like people: different and full of personality. You just need to pick yours! If you enjoyed this selection, please be sure to SHARE this with any of your friends you think will enjoy it too!
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