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7 lush, gorgeous garden ponds that bring life to the backyard. #3 is amazingĀ 

One of the best ways to spice things up in the backyard is to somehow incorporate flowing water or a small pond. Juxtaposing your lawn or garden with a small body of water is sure to liven things up. It may even bring along some critters.
Below you'll see a few garden ponds that are likely to catch your eye. They range in size and appearance, but all seven of them add a nice element to the backyard. Check them out below and let us know which one you liked the best.
1. Lily pads fill this backyard pond that's surrounded by lush vegetation. Green grass and flowers galore always go well next to a small body of water.
2. This pond not only features a waterfall but it also repurposes an old shower head as a fountain of sorts.
3. This isn't your typical backyard pond, but it's certainly worth marveling at. This Crown Point, Indiana pond reportedly cost $1 million to construct.  
4. This small flowing pond is tucked away amongst the many plants that surround it. The calming sound of running water adds to the ambiance of this backyard.
5. This backyard pond has two levels, with a waterfall feeding into the bottom. 
6. This marvelous pond features a small bridge that allows you to make your way across the backyard without getting your feet wet.
7. This multi-level pond is surrounded by plants and flowers of all kind.
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