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5 vertical garden designs that will have you eager to join the trend

Do you ever yearn for a lovely outdoor garden, lush with fresh fruits and vegetables, but don't have the proper space? Maybe your backyard is too small or it doesn't get enough sunlight. Maybe you don't have a backyard at all. Fear not, green thumbs, there's still a way to satisfy your gardening needs.
If you don't have space for a standard container garden on the ground, it's time to think outside the box. Aim a bit higher -- literally. Vertical gardens not only look great but also don't require a lot of space, while allowing for some wonderful creativity. Check out some of our favorite designs below.
1. This barn sports a vertical garden on its side.
2. You'll commonly see shipping pallets used as the backdrop for vertical gardens. You can paint the wood a certain color if you want to keep in theme with the rest of your backyard.
3. This vertical vegetable garden looks to be producing an impressive yield.
4. From afar this may look a bit messy, but each and every flower and shrub is planted with precision.
5. Another shipping pallet vertical garden, but this one is filled with dirt.
Let us know which garden was your favorite and be sure to share this article with your family and friends.
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