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20+ Dream Garden Sheds That Will Make Your Neighbor Jealous, #12 Is Divine

Garden sheds and she-sheds are the new rising trend in backyard designs. While functional, they also add charm and elegance all in one beautiful package. We've collected our favorites here. Which one do you like the most?
1. This one has rustic cottage charm:
2. Here's one constructed from completed salvaged materials and antiques:
Reusing old materials makes a project affordable and more eco-friendly. 
3. Here's one designed as a cozy outdoor retreat:
4. A picket fence garden shed built for $325: 
5.  Known as the "perfect potting shed:" 
6.  Make it more fairy tale like: 
7. Add a front porch to your garden shed: 
8. Are you a master organizer? Check this one out: 
9. Pastel charm:
10.  Maybe something more colorful is more your style?
11. Here's a more classic look. We love the brick! 
12. Here's something that screams luxury: 
13. Love the creative use of curtains here:
14. This one is too picturesque: 
15. A more whimiscal look:
16. Accent colors can make a huge difference:
17.  Not all sheds need to be box-shaped:
18. Build your own castle:
19.  Add a pathway to your garden shed:
20. Charming and quaint:
21.  All white everything greenhouse:
22.  A she-shed:
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