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13+ Galvanized Garden Looks That Are Too Good To Ignore, Especially #7

The trend of galvanized planters is definitely in. Here's a selection of the best looks we've found in gardens around the world. Which one is your favorite?
What makes galvanized planters popular? According to timberpress.com, these planters are inexpensive, but they may rust or get dented easily. Even so, the pictures below prove that the rust can indeed add to the charm of the dream rustic garden! 
1. Hang it up! 
3.  Use the galvanized buckets as planters. 
4. Make it a garden pond! 
5. Use the galvanized look as an accessory! 
6. Don't be scared to add some color.
7.  Make a little vintage bath in your backyard garden. 
8. Galvanized pieces add to style and feel of any outdoor shed. 
9. ....No matter the style.
10. Seriously, can you see yourself relaxing here? 
11.  You can also layer this look. More galvanized can be better. Use flowers to add a splash of your favorite color. 
12.  Spice up a backyard patio garden with copper accents.
13. Tiered gardens and succulents are indeed trending. 
14. Set up a herb garden for your kitchen. We love this one below. 
15. Or try this "tipsy pots" look! 
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